Pure Pleasure Parties

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What is Pure Pleasure Parties? Pure Pleasure parties is founded in 2023 by me, Melody Pleasure. My biggest fans, already knows who I am but I will have a little introduction!

Well my name is Melody Pleasure and I moved in 2019 to the UK from the Netherlands. The years before, I already was active in the adult industry as escort, red light area of the Hague and as porn actress but never done parties before! When I came in the UK, I started to do parties in ROXY’S DEN and later on more and more parties for other party organisers!

For my own porn production company DM-MOVIES I organised some filmed gangbangs, but not everyone does the likes of being filmed ( we arent interested in the face of the lads but hey I do get it ) and that did decide me to start with Pure Pleasure Parties.

What is my goal with Pure Pleasure Parties? Well its that easy, I want to organize super PURE PLEASURE PARTIES across the UK. So not only at one location/venue but no I want to try to cover all of the areas of the UK. I want to get the best out of the girls to give you guys, couples and ladies a brilliant experience! But I can’t do it alone! I need YOUR HELP as well, for that reason we have RULES!

  • Respect the girls and other guests at all costs, you wanna try something just ask! The girl say yes, absolutely CRACKING. The girl say NO, thats tough SHIT! Do i hear a girl say NO more than 1 time I will kick you out of the venue and ban you from all of my parties and will warn all other organisers!
  • All oral and sexual penetration is WITH CONDOM! Change the condom from girl to girl and dont stand next to the girls wanking with a condom on! The condom will get dirty and maybe ripped!
  • Do not approach a hostess with a condom already on. The hostess must see the unopened packet and either watch you put it on or put it on herself.
  • If your condom breaks or comes off please inform the hostess immediately.
  • Please use the bins provided for used condoms.
  • Only condoms from us or the venue’s are allowed to use! Do we seen any other condoms we will remove you from the venue and we will ban you from all of our parties.
  • ID is always required! NO ID = NO ENTRY
  • There’s a ZERO drugs tolerance, under influence and or using? You’ll be removed and banned for life!
  • We all loves a little drink, please keep it within the limits! You getting drunk? I will have to remove you.
  • Always have a shower, be clean and fresh! As the girls are clean for you as well!

I really do hope that we all can make Pure Pleasure Parties a success and hopefully see you soon at one of our Pure Pleasure Parties!

Melody Pleasure