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Pure Pleasure Parties and sexual health

We from Pure Pleasure Parties are very strict to our girls. We require a sexual health certificate every month from every lady who works with Pure Pleasure Parties. No sexual health certificate does mean no party for the specific girl. We will provide the condoms and dont allow any form of oral or penetration without condom! This for the safety and health reasons of our girls but also our visitors!

Guys, couples, girls to you who are reading this post now and who dont know about how and where to do sexual health testing? In the UK you can go to your local NHS clinic and ask for a FREE STD testing! Either you have to go to a walk in clinic or you will get an appointment! They will take a blood sample and a urine sample ( for the guy ) a blood sample and a swap ( for the girls ). Within 5 – 7 days you will get your results back. If you cant get a appointment in a NHS clinic, the pharmacy does sell home kits, but note we dont recommend them!

It is very important to get your sexual health checks done on a regular base! Not only for yourself but also for the other visitors, staff, girls and the entire country! Cases of STI’S are rising and rising and we only can stop it when we start to test regular and have SAFE SEX! So when you have CLEAN certs, please KEEP THEM CLEAN and dont have any form of BARE sex!

In our about post and page are written some rules about condom use! Read them again and ask the girls or us on the parties if you have some questions!

Lets have Pure Pleasure on our Parties!

With love Melody Pleasure

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