Fantasy Tuesday Night Party

Fantasy Tuesday Night Party in Dare2Club in Bristol with the sexy 3 girls Melody Pleasure, April Velvet and Crystal Smith.

Doors open from 7:30PM party will start at 8PM and last for 2,5 hours! Entry for single men is £85, for couples £25 and for single women it is free!

Buy your TICKET here or email to

Adress: 1 Alfred st, St Philips, Bristol, BS2 0RF

Note that photo ID will be required to be shown prior to entry. NO ID = NO ENTRANCE. Simple as that.

We cannot ever guarantee models advertised will always be available. All activities within the premises are consentual between adults. Any unsavory behavior at any time will result in removing from the premises and a ban on all or our parties! All oral sex and sexual penetration must be with the use of condoms, whom are provided by Pure Pleasure Parties, where they are brand new, valid and fit for purpose.

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